Shark Infested Waters

Posted by Matthew White on Feb 24 2016 at 11:16AM PST

We have just under 2 weeks until our shark infested waters swim on March 5th. Wow! time flies! Please do your best to hit or exceed the 150 dollar goal that we gave each swimmer, as it is vital funds to run the season. It is the expectation that every swimmer be at this one team fundraiser on the 5th. I know a few swimmers have the SAT’s and that it is the only date to take those, so those swimmers will swim their 200 laps during an extra practice, but please make sure that your swimmer is there and participating as a member of the Santiago Swim Team. It is a fun event that kicks off our season.
Thank you for your commitment to running the best HS swim program around and I’ll hopefully see everyone on the 1st at our the meet and the 5th at our team event.
Coach White


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