League Patches and School Board Meeting + Patch for Girls

Posted by Matthew White on Jun 13 2016 at 02:23PM PDT

Hey Sharks,
League patches are in. I will be at the pool tomorrow from 9am to 1pm to give those out before I am off to Florida.
League patches are for those swimmers that swam at the meet only.

Girls, you have a board meeting tomorrow to get your award and patch from the Riverside Department of Education. The awards are based on 3rd quarter so if you were not part of the varsity program then, then you will not receive a patch. I also talked to a few of you who were not cleared at the time or were accidentally not pasted (1 swimmer) to the roster for some reason. Nicho will be with you girls tomorrow. If you don’t go, you can receive that patch when I get back in two weeks from my vacation. Please be at the District Office in Norco at ……. time to come
Award Winners from 3rd Quarter Varsity:
Aladross, Sarah
Bessent, Jennie
Bienias, Morgan
Cahingcoy, Martina
Castille, Sydney
DeRose, Hannah
Elliot, Hannah
Hernandez, Victoria
Holland, Payton
Jeppson, Talia
Miles, Brittney
Miles, Brooke
Ramirez, Grace
Salcedo, Abby
Smith, Riley
Upton, Megan
Madison DeRuyter
Dotson, Jenna


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