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Posted by Matthew White on Jan 27 2015 at 05:13PM PST in 2014-2015

Hello Sharks!!! Our online store is now open. Please note that the flyer says the store closes on the 1st but really it will be open through the 3rd. Feel free to get all the stuff you want but please remember that I would like every swimmer to have two of the nike t-shirts (Black and Grey) and a long sleeve (nike or hoodie). Also parents, if you want to get the dry fit versions like the swimmers, GO FOR IT!!! Or there is a cotton version if you prefer that. I will also send out a link tomorrow with the freshmen or new swimmers for the warm ups. If you have any questions email me or I will be on the pool deck till 3:30 tomorrow. Have fun with the store and GO SHARKS!!!!!!
Coach White

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