Swim Parents and Swimmers

Posted by Matthew White on Apr 03 2015 at 10:01AM PDT in 2014-2015

Parents and Swimmers,
It saddens me to have to write this email today as until this point I have been nothing but proud of this team that I consider my family. After a great meet yesterday and a fun motivational day where all the kids got shirts with our theme for the rest of the year(“ALL IN”), I came to the pool to find only 3 JV girls, half of the JV boys, and less than half of the Varsity training group at practices. Out of 84 kids in our program only 35 swimmers attended practice today during our most important time of the year. This is not Santiago Swimming. The coaches sacrifice a lot of time and vacation to make our swimmers the best and to have such low attendance is disappointing. Thank you to those swimmers that came to practice today and the few swimmers that told me they wouldn’t be here today. For those that took a day off or didn’t communicate, you definitely are not “ALL IN”. From this point forward I need all swimmers and parents to give their best to this program. I firmly believe that this program is the best high school program in Riverside County, but just because we are successful or have had a lot of practices, it doesn’t entitle us to breaks or the right to not have our swimmers at practice. I want our teams to be the best and I know we have the best kids and parents around. So help me in insuring that this does not happen again and help me to continue to make this the best program around. Swimmers that missed todays practice will have a mandatory make- up practice at a later date.
Sincerely Coach White


2015-04-03T19:38:04.000-07:00April 03 2015, at 07:38 PM PDT, Amanda Waite said:

Coach White,
I am sorry Amanda was not at practice this morning. To her credit, she was ready to go at 6 am this morning- and I explained to her that her dad was able to get the day off last minute…and that today would be a “family day.” I am sorry we did not let you know ahead of time, it was a last minute opportunity- and I didn’t know how to communicate this to Coach Eric. We will be more mindful of this in the future. Thank you for your time and enthusiasm for the program. -Holly Waite